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DUXTON x BJORN Collaboration Reversible Kimono


The story behind this kimono is a tale as old as culinary history. Let us set the scene: you are a chef and you are on break. You have just taken off your chef's hat, you are leaving through the back door, and you are patting your pockets for a cigarette. But there is a problem: there is nowhere to sit, except for the surrounding piles of discard. In your peripheral vision, appearing like an oasis, you spot just the thing a milk crate, perfect to rest your oil-splattered, smoke-stained trousered legs on.

The Duxton x Small collaboration kimono celebrates the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity of Singapore's culinary geniuses, symbolized here by the humble milk crate. Developed in collaboration with celebrity chef Bjorn Shen, this labor of love brings together a trademark Duxton silhouette and chef Bjorn's tongue-in-cheek take on his craft. It is made with Aztec print fabric sourced from Japan and all embroidery is done in Singapore. The reversible feature lets you style it in multiple ways.


Product Features:

Color: Royal Navy - Muted Gold
Body / Fit: Relaxed Fit- US sizing
Fabric Composition: 100% Japanese Cotton
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold or Dry Clean Only
Made in Singapore
Sourced in Tokyo, Japan