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More than Amazing T-shirts

Duxton is about the confidence that comes from stepping into the arena each day. For each person that means something different. From asking someone out on a first date, to coming out to your loved ones, to jumping into a new industry.... this is daring greatly.

When we step into the arena, we sometimes feel isolated but we’re not. At any given moment, someone else is feeling the same emotion or encountering the same challenge and finding the confidence to dare greatly. These shared experiences give us commonality, help us form a community, and make us human.

Modern life is hectic and to do it well we have to take risks and be simultaneously courageous and vulnerable. Sometimes we need things close to us that touch us to keep it all real. Duxton is your partner in that journey.

When you dare greatly, you are DUXTON.

Welcome to the family


Whether it’s the community on Duxton Road or a community on the opposite side of the globe, DUXTON is about the connection between individuals who believe in the same values.


Living an adventurous lifestyle and breaking away from the expected – whether it’s starting a new business, having a thrilling hobby or raising a new generation of responsible kiddos.


Essentials made from the best fabrics sourced in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Bali, stitched responsibly and ready for your next journey.


Everyone thinks their body is different from the next person’s. Our shirts make you feel good when you slip it on and confident while you’re wearing it, no matter your size.